Automatic Negative Thoughts Part Three - Instilling Confidence

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

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*Disclaimer, Please note that I am not a medical professional just someone living with depression and anxiety, I don't claim to have all the answers just tips and advice that helped me.

This is the final part in my mini series regarding Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANT) I hope you will have found these posts helpful and of course, if you have any questions please either leave me a comment or message me.

This last bit is probably the hardest bit however, as I have stated across all of the blog posts relating to this issue, with time and effort you will begin to notice a change in your way of thinking and that a new positive approach is finally ebbing its way into your mind.

Now you have focused on recognising automatic negative thoughts and how to stop them, pull them apart and rationalise them you need to do it with the thoughts aimed at yourself. You need to start looking in the mirror and praising what you see and who you are even if they are just small things at first. Whatever you like about yourself no matter what, tell yourself and hang onto it. Even if it is just how healthy you are or that you have all of your teeth.

Bit by bit, tell yourself that you are just as good and worthy as everyone else. After all why wouldn't you be? Your opinion and your passions are just as valid and important as everyone elses. Your beauty is just as eye catching as everyone elses and your body is just as amazing as everyone elses. In this vain world we live in we need to appreciate exactly what we have been given. Our bodies are the most amazing instrument we will ever have; they breathe, they transport us, they heal and they fight germs, infections and diseases.They even grow new human beings and yet all we are hung up on is what they look like.

Your body is beautiful no matter your shape or size. All of us have body hang ups and imperfections even if we can't see them so it is time to stop obsessing about what other women look like and start focusing on who is looking back at you in the mirror.

Basically, rather than listening to that horrible voice that puts you down and makes you feel worthless you have to listen to that other voice, the quieter one. The one that is always trying to big you up and tell you that you're amazing.

In life we all have the same opportunities to some extent, ignore wealth and stuff like that, if you want to do something and you know you are good at it you should do it! What makes anyone else better than you? Wealth? looks? Bullshit.That means nothing and it is your thoughts telling you differently. You are good enough and need to tell yourself that.

Imagine your body as another person, a close friend say. Your body isn't that vessel that carries you everywhere now it is a whole other person that means a lot to you and that you care about. Would you talk to it the same way? Would you criticise it in the same way?


Imagine your body this way and that every time you say or think something negative about it you're hurting it's feelings and it will make you so much more aware of what you are thinking. You will also realise that you actually are hurting your bodies feelings too because - this is something I will say a lot on this blog - YOUR BODY HEARS EVERYTHING YOUR MIND TELLS IT. So think positive.

Try it, be positive! Get out of bed and tell yourself it is going to be a great day, that you feel really happy and your body will start to listen. Put your favourite music on and sing in the shower. Smile to others on your way to work,

It will make a difference.

Try it.
Keep trying it.
Never give up.

Lots of love x

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