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Friday, 21 July 2017

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I was so sad and shocked to learn last night of the passing of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington aged just 41.

Only a couple of months after the shock death of his close friend, Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell and on what would have been Cornell's 53rd birthday, Bennington was found dead by what appears to be suicide. Ever since the news became public both his fans and celebrities alike have been paying tribute and sharing their disbelief and sadness at his tragic passing.

No matter what happens in your life or what you achieve mental illness can rob you of all the joy and sense of self worth you could ever feel. Anyone who ponders; 'What did they have to be sad about? They were rich / successful / famous / married / popular' really needs to take the time to learn a bit (lot) more about mental illness. Thankfully it appears that type of attitude is FINALLY dying off.

Nobody wants to die. They just want the pain to end.

As the tributes are proving Bennington was not only loved, well respected and idolised but he touched the hearts and lives of millions with his music. So many people  - including myself - felt his lyrics and voice spoke to them and understood exactly what they were going through when no one else seemed to.

Linkin Park were pioneers for Nu Metal and have enjoyed success for over twenty years now, they are one of the most famous and successful alternative bands of all time. Bennington was a pioneer and from the start dealt with his mental health issues through his music which I believe is what powered their success and appealed to so many.

Hybrid Theory will always remain one of my all time favourite albums because of the songs and because of the sentimentality. I listened to it at a time when I was growing into a young adult, becoming a bit more independent and making new care free memories with new friends. Memories that still make me smile today.

Linkin Park have just released brand new music and were due to start touring. Something Bennington had said in an interview he was looking forward to as he was watching too much TV with his kids. Apparently after realising he was enjoying 'Barbie Dreamhouse' a little too much he realised he needed to go on tour with his friends again. It is simply devastating for his family and his friends that his struggles ran so deep he didn't feel he could cope anymore.You never know what is going on behind the smiles and facade. If you think someone is suffering, talk to them.

I am genuinely saddened that Chester Bennington is gone and thank him and Linkin Park for the music, reassurance and the memories.

One of the best tweets I saw regarding his passing read:

"Depression is hard to understand. But if it can kill Robin Williams, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington I'd say it's pretty damn real." - @diogomlbernado 

If you are having suicidal thoughts, please don't be afraid to talk out. YOU CAN GET BETTER. It is OK to not be OK.

 * For confidential support on mental health call Samaritans free from any phone, at any time, on 116 123 (UK & RoI) or email jo@samaritans.org. In the US call 1-800-273-TALK *

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