How De-Cluttering my Wardrobe Boosted my Happiness.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

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It sounds really silly but I have come to the conclusion a cluttered house causes a cluttered mind, or at the very least it doesn't help it.

In particular a cluttered wardrobe.

Women - and men  - can relate to the feeling of having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear. That feeling of deflation when you're off out or even just want to look nice for meeting a friend for coffee but the thought of rummaging through your clothes makes you feel down.

I know I can definitely relate to this!

So one day I decided enough was enough and had a huge clear out. I was really brutal too. I made a point of thinking about how the clothes made me feel and if I couldn't decide or it wasn't a good feeling, out they went. I have a terrible habit for hanging onto clothe
s because I like how they look on the hanger with the notion of 'I will wear that one day' whereas if I am truly honest I know I won't for one reason or another.

My friend had read somewhere about having a happy wardrobe and clearing out clothes that make you feel sad about yourself so that every time you opened your wardrobe to choose an outfit it didn't fill you with dread. Because she is losing weight she has sorted clothes that are currently small for her into vacuum packs and put them away with the intention of fitting in them again later down the line. In the meantime though she doesn't have to look at them. She doesn't have to see any reminders of clothes she used to be able to wear. Everything she has in her wardrobe currently fits her and makes her feel good about herself.

This inspired me to clean out even more stuff! I love fashion and clothes shopping but I would rather have a small amount of clothes that made me happy rather than a lot of clothes half of which made me feel low.

The other great thing is I have been able to sell bits on eBay and buy new items of clothing to update my wardrobe or buy bits for the house. Best of all I have a nice, tidy and organised wardrobe and know where everything is. It made me want to clear out other parts of the house such as under the bed and the drawers in the spare room and kitchen. Knowing every room is organised and there isn't drawers full of crap I don't even know still exists makes me happy!

Dare I say it I may eventually move on to the loft.........

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