Why a Brain Dump Day is Good for your Mental Health.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

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What is a Brain Dump day I hear you say? Well I am glad you asked. It is simply one day of the week you assign yourself all of the crappy things you need to get done but don't want to. Therefore you leave them to build up and build up and every time you think of them or remember them you get that pang of guilt your chest. We are talking phone calls, answering emails, your taxes, whatever.

We all have those annoying niggling tasks we know we have to do but put off until the very last minute and by doing this you can be really affecting your mental wellbeing without even realising it. In an already over active mind you are just adding to those excessive thoughts.

However, if you set aside one day a week every week to get all of those menial tasks done you will find that you feel a lot better. Whenever thoughts creep into your head about outstanding mundane crap while you are busy doing something else you won't have to be distracted you can add it to your task list for Dump Day and carry on with what you're doing now.

For me, it is Monday. After the weekend I usually have a ton of washing, housework and general work to be getting on with so that has become the day of the week we spend indoors so I can GET SHIT DONE. including any phone calls and emails. 

Knowing I have this day has organised my thoughts tenfold to the point that when I stopped having a 'dump day' I noticed a massive change in my routine and thought process. Sometimes little habits do fall by the wayside even when we have the best intentions and it is usually when that happens that we realise how important that habit was. 

You could also set other days aside for additional tasks as this may help your mental wellbeing further. For example Fridays are always housework days for me because that is the day of the week Savannah is at nursery longer and Wednesday is her shorter day so is the day I tend to get my work load finished so I am on top of it for the rest of the week. I also treat Wednesday as my day off because of working weekends so make any plans to meet friends for a catch up on that day too.

I also know Sunday night is my early night so I am ready to tackle a new week and Thursday night is the night I get any treatments out of the way that need doing like waxing or repainting my nails.(I love a bubble bath on this night too!)

It is good to have this mental routine especially if you are particularly anxious or tend to overthink. It isn't too much order or pressure but enough of a structure to know when and where different tasks and jobs in your life need doing and what days to do them on. 

Give it a try.

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