January 2018 Review

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

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We are already a month into 2018, how was January for you?

I really can't believe January is over already although I can't say I'm not pleased! It always feels like the longest month because of how far your money has to stretch between paydays.

Patrick being made redundant and then starting a new job mid December didn't help matters much although luckily I had bought most of the Christmas presents and bits needed before it happened so it wasn't as stressful as it could have been!

Anyway, January....

Well I am annoyed with myself because diet wise I had wanted to kick start my keto way of eating again as I know it is not only good for weight loss but has major benefits for someone with my health issues etc however I haven't done very well at all. Overall I have done Okish but I am really annoyed that we are four weeks into the year and I am pretty much in the same place.

This is where I would usually wallow and have a go at myself and then tell myself I can't do it and always fail however this year is all about challenges, smashing goals and stepping outside of my comfort zone so all I can do is learn from this month, tell myself I am going to get my head into it and start again for February.

Every other way I'm really happy with how January has gone which is another reason I am not going to give myself a hard time over not being that great at getting into keto properly. I have been exercising and enjoying it and noticing the benefits (apart from a week earlier in the month where I was ill) I have even been getting up earlier to get my exercises done while the house is quiet. How long that will last I really don't know....

I have also been busy with freelance work which is great and working on my own personal projects too which is time consuming and hard work most days but totally worth it. I don't like not having any writing work to do!

I made some slight changes to this blog (well my brother did as he does the web design for me!) and am happy with how fresh it looks now and have started work behind the scenes on my other blog (nicki kinickie) which I am planning on revamping and turning more into a website which will collate all of my work and blogs (this one and my Huffpost one) as well as still having its own blog  / news section where I can update what I have been up to and eventually (hopefully) when my book is written it will be available on there too.

My mum and stepdad came to visit for a weekend and took us out for dinner which was really lovely and it is always lovely to have them (or anyone else) stay.

What else....ummm...

Well Patrick had his 33rd birthday on the 16th and I managed to arrange a surprise gathering for him for after work without him knowing which was great. I also managed to find a bargain cappuccino / espresso machine on Groupon to buy him for his birthday as he has wanted one for ages AND it didn't break the bank. The Friday before his birthday we stayed a friends too and they cooked us dinner and surprised Patrick with birthday banners and I secretly brought along a cake so hopefully he felt spoilt! We stayed up in their back garden bar till about 3am partying!

I also had the chop! I had a good few inches cut off of my hair at the end of the month as I really fancied the change so thought sod it! Some may think it isn't that drastic but it is to me! I talked more about having my hair chopped and why I did it in my making changes blog post.

I also went to the NTAS (National Television Awards) UURRMMAGAAD I was so so SO excited for this!! SO EXCITED. I loved the dress I bought for the occasion (in December, not January so didn't break my spending ban) and Patrick and me enjoyed a nice dinner beforehand and lots of drinks. We had a really good night and I spotted lots of celebrities.

Finally, our nephew was christened on the last Sunday of January which was a lovely day and nice to see friends and Patricks family too. We also popped to see my family afterwards for a catch up and so they could give Savannah her Christmas presents. The night before the christening we stayed at close friends as her hubby and my hubby share birthdays and as they have known each other all their lives we always do something together to celebrate even if it isn't on the actual day itself!

So actually, overall January was a very nice month indeed! and I expect February to be even better!

Watch out for a February Goals blog post coming up very soon....

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