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Monday, 1 January 2018

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January can feel like a long and depressing month, but there are ways you can change that. 
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With all the celebrations and magic of Christmas over with for another 12 months many of us can find ourselves feeling quite flat come January.

Even if you're not a big Christmas fan you tend to end up caught in the madness of it all whether it is the Christmas shopping, cooking or all of the socialising. Then January hits and BOOM; Christmas trees and decorations come down, our jeans no longer fit and we are yearning for summer which seems so very far away. You're back to work which means back to business, no more office silliness or early finishes like December. No long pub lunches or Christmas work do's.

Party Season over. Back to normal. Back to the grind.

Add to that the dark nights, miserable weather and the longest wait to payday EVER it's no wonder most of us think January is actually pretty shit.

Rather than feeling down though, you could set about making a few little changes and give yourself nice things to look forward to to make January seem a little brighter. I do this every year now as I suffer majorly with the post Christmas blues. I just LOVE party season, the magic of Christmas and love my husband being off of work and at home with us so when it's all over I can't help but feel a bit down.

Here are some of my tips for helping beat the January blues:


This one is the most important in my book. If you only take on one of my tips then make sure it is this one because personally I feel it makes a big difference and helps lift my mood.

My husbands birthday is in the middle of January which can be a bit of a shitter because of the fact most people haven't any money if you want to go out and celebrate. When I first got with my husband his mum used to have house parties for each of her children's birthdays and has talked about how people commented that they looked forward to Patricks because it was so soon after Christmas and not only gave them something to look forward to but cost them very little or nothing if they still had alcohol left over from Christmas.

It was only ever a casual affair that didn't cost his family much either and we carried on the tradition once we moved in together and would have gatherings of our own. People always had booze left over from Christmas that they were happy to have another excuse to break into, one year one of our friends had had a cocktail night for NYE so brought everything along to ours and did the same again.

Why not have a little get together at yours too? You don't need a birthday as an excuse just the excuse of a 'post Christmas pick me up'.


Are you a book lover who never gets time to read? Set yourself the challenge of 12 books in 12 months and make that time for yourself. Or how about the challenge of watching a new film either once a week or even once a month? Milestone birthday coming up in 2018? Why not do a '30 by 30' or '40 by 40' challenge? (you write a list of things you want to do / achieve before said milestone birthday and aim to achieve them by that birthday, the number is obviously based on what age you will be at that milestone birthday).

You could even just do one for January to get you through what is considered the 'hardest month' of the year and post a photo on Instagram each day of what makes you happy.


If you are someone that hates feeling skint in January and struggles to make it through why not set yourself the challenge to save up for next year so you are able to enjoy it worry free? You wouldn't have to save much and it may mean you are able to afford a few treats in January next year to take away the blues.


Christmas is a social time of year but it doesn't always mean you have caught up with everyone you wanted to. Why not take the opportunity to do it in January? Again, it doesn't have to cost much, you can invite someone over to yours for a cuppa or lunch.


This one probably only applies if you have money to spare although not always. If possible though why not book a little weekend away somewhere for the Spring? If you are strapped for cash but have a relative or friend that lives somewhere far away that you long to catch up with why not book to see them instead? Cheap deals from city breaks to holidays can be found online if you know where to look.

Here are some good websites to check out:





Whatever you love doing, make time to do it whether it is painting your nails, having a long hot bubble  bath or watching your favourite movies. You should always make time for yourself and the things you love regardless of the time of year because it is good for your wellbeing but none the less, make the time to do it in January if you are someone that feels particularly down at this time of year.


Most importantly, don't allow yourself to indulge in those feelings of depression. It can't be helped if you naturally feel low once Christmas is over, as I said previously, I do too but the body hears everything the mind tells it so you have to perk yourself up, suck it in and get on with it. Keep a positive and happy mind and positive happy thoughts will follow.

Here is to a happy and healthy 2018 x

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