REVIEW || One Month Into My Spending Ban.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

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As I have previously stated, I am on a spending ban which means no new clothes, shoes and accessories for the first three months of the year. You can read my reasons as to why I am doing a shopping ban here. 

So, we are one month in - how did I do?

Well I have to say it has gone well. I haven't bought anything that comes under the fashion spending umbrella and actually haven't been tempted either. I have been making the most of what is in my wardrobe and making a point of picking out clothing that I don't usually wear. I have been really crap at uploading my outfit choices to Instagram though soz, I will make sure I do it a lot more in February I promise!

I saw a hack online called the 'reverse hanger hack' which I am going to do as well; you put all of your hangers on the rail but reversed (so turn the hook of the hanger toward you and hook under onto the rail as appose to the hook facing away and hooking it over) and then come back in a set timeline (mine will be April when the ban is over) and the hangers that are still in the reverse position are clothes you obviously don't wear anymore so need to be thrown or given away. 

It's a great way to know what you still wear and what needs to be cleared out. You can set yourself any timescale too, why not give it a go!

The main benefit to this spending ban is I am not on my phone as much as I was. I was terrible for just sitting there, browsing lots of different websites online and that was what fed my obsession to shop. If you're constantly looking then you're constantly finding new items that you want as high street retailers update their websites every week. There is no hope if you're a serial browser like me.

The other benefit to being off of my phone a lot more is obviously less screen time and more time in the real world. I am finding I have already broken the habit of picking up my phone as a mindless distraction which I am really embracing in fact, it has made me aware of the fact I sit scrolling through my phone when I am meant to be watching TV and end up having to rewind parts of what I am watching as I missed it ( I know so many people are guilty of this!). Now I make a conscious effort to put my phone out of reach and concentrate on what I am watching. Savannah isn't allowed two screens on the go at once and we are really strict on it so why on earth are we doing it? 

Overall, I am very happy with this first months progress and am not missing spending (too much anyway) I think this month will be harder though....we will see!

This month though, to feel the benefits of the ban even more I intend to save a bit if possible to go towards things we want for / to do in the house. That should help when I am missing looking at the latest high street must haves!

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