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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

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This blog post may seem perhaps a bit brutal but it is meant in the kindest way and with the best of intentions.

It is a reality check for those of you who don't realise that your thought process or how you go about your life every day is really affecting your mental health, achievements, future, wellbeing and so much more.

''Your body hears everything your mind tells it.''

I am sure you have heard that expression before but I cannot stress to you how true this statement is. It is one of the most important statements I think I have ever heard because of how true it is and because of what effect the mind can have over everything. Despite the fact that every organ in your body is important regardless of its size or job, I feel the mind is the most powerful. It has the power to affect everything from the way your body works to your wellbeing and achievements and even your future.

Feed your body with negative thoughts your body will be a negative entity. You will feel unimportant and uninspired. Negative thinking affects both your mental and physical wellbeing. Depression can make you ache and feel unwell with anything from being run down to full on flu like symptoms or even aches and pains.

Like a lot of things in life (think of addictions, trying to break bad habits or change your diet for the better) it is easy to manage on a good day, easy to feel positive but when a bad day hits, that is when you are really tested and when you have to really work hard. That is when you have to fight your urges and go against the brains desire to suck you into a negative thought process.

You are the one in control of your thoughts not your mind. All this time it has been fooling you into thinking that IT was the one in charge but I am here to tell you it is NOT.

Anxiety and depression are such strong presences that their voices shout much louder than your true inner voice, the real you. Anxiety and depression are the bullies and the real you is the underdog. The real you is screaming to be heard over the negative voices screaming loudly at you that you are not good enough or will fail or shouldn't bother. The real you is desperately waving their arms begging you to hear them and know that you ARE good enough, you WON'T fail and you SHOULD bother.

You must stop listening to the negative voices.

Shrugging your shoulders or saying you can't or there is nothing you can do or basically acting unwilling to make changes is your own choice. You do have the ability to make the changes you are just choosing not to. Don't get me wrong, I understand why you feel this way. When you are in the throws of depression or other mental health issues it can seem impossible to shake it off. I am not simply telling you to 'cheer up' and everything will be great in life, this runs much deeper.

There are people out there who are generally negative and probably don't even realise it anymore. You are the people I am addressing! The Pessimist Petes or Debbie Downers, the ones who will find a negative in absolutely anything no matter what it is.

It's time to change your way of thinking my friends.

Start letting things go. Stop judging. Stop seeing the negatives in EVERY - BLOODY - THING. I have a couple of people like this in my life and talking to them can be such a downer. To the point that despite the fact I love them to absolute bits I feel as though I don't want to talk to them. Everything is doom and gloom.

Life is shit sometimes and there is nothing we can do about it. We are on this planet for quite a while (if we are the lucky ones) so that inevitably means that sometimes life will shit on us. I am not saying that when it does you are not entitled to feel crap about that but I am saying those bad times should make us appreciate the good times and appreciate every day life when nothing is going on and everything is mundane.

If I am honest though, when you start living with a positive outlook then everyday life becomes good and it will help you cope better when life is bad. Take this from someone who is speaking from experience. Someone that has let her emotions, toxic people, bad decisions, anxiety and terrible events affect her perception and attitude.

Happiness starts with you and only you.
Success starts with you and only you.

Stop looking to others for approval, reassurance or even blame and excuses. Everything starts with you and it is nobody else's fault but yours, whatever the situation.

Make 2018 the year you change your thinking for the better. Make it the year you start being optimistic about EVERYTHING. Life can throw whatever it wants at you and it doesn't matter because you can deal with it.

Read positive books about positive people who made positive changes to their lives or overcame massive life changing injuries or obstacles. Trust me you will feel inspired.

Watch inspirational and motivational videos on YouTube like the TED X Motivational talks, subscribe to their channel (you will thank me later) Pin millions of inspirational quotes on Pinterest to an inspirational board, watch home videos of your children, listen to your absolute favourite album of all time at full volume, do ALL OF THE THINGS that make yourself happy and content.

Take time each day (Yes EACH DAY) to reflect on what you have to be thankful for; the goals you have achieved, the people around you, your health, the obstacles you have overcome, the places you have visited and so on and so fourth. You can even include materialistic achievements in this if you wish (many people say not to but I think if you have worked hard and saved hard for the stuff you own and get enjoyment from them there is no harm in including them).

Yes life can be hard but constantly focusing on the negative in everything can make it even harder and at the end of it all the only one you are burdening is yourself.

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