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Friday, 2 February 2018

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January is over for another year and February has arrived, Spring feels that little bit closer and we are all starting to notice the evenings are staying lighter that little bit longer....yippee!

Earlier this week I wrote my January review and how I felt it went with regards to my general mood, what I did and also how I got on with the goals I had set myself.

One thing I mentioned hadn't gone well was getting back into the Ketogenic way of eating. Generally, I have avoided starchy carbs about 85% of the time but have still not been doing it properly so that is my main focus for February; to get back to it. By the end of this month I want it to be habit and I want to be feeling the benefits of it because eating keto made me feel AMAZING. It also has health benefits and helps you lose and maintain weight. I can talk  a bit more in depth about keto and my experience of it if people so wish but in the meantime there is plenty of information about this way of eating here.

Earlier this week I realised that I started researching keto this time LAST YEAR because I had wanted to overhaul my diet for 2017 and eat what best suited my body shape and type. This fact shocked me because I feel that a year on I am in the very same position. I did tons of research and looked up recipes, followed lots of keto dieters on instagram and while in the summer I did it for a couple of months, felt great and lost a stone with what felt like no effort at all, before long I introduced carbs again and the whole process and my research was seemingly all for nothing.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This month I am focusing on getting back this amazing lifestyle and reaping the benefits, I also want to step up my exercise a notch too.

My other aim for February may sound weird, even a bit gross, but it is really necessary and long overdue and that is sorting out my sinuses!

I have suffered with my sinuses for a few years now and even when I am not ill with a cold they can be blocked or I feel a pressure there. Over the last two months I have had constant sinus issues from where I had a headcold in November and have a continuous blocked nose, sinus headaches and have even suffered an eye infection, all caused by this ongoing issue. I also have blocked ears and trouble hearing (particularly in one ear) because it is so blocked (again, gross I know, sorry!) and my eyes can be so puffy from it all.

So, I have been to the doctors about it and have been given a couple of things to do to help sort this issue out; one is a saline cleanse which is where you make some lukewarm salty water and squirt it up one nostril, letting it flood your sinuses and pour out of the other nostril. Yes, it is as horrendous as it sounds. It feels like it does when you go swimming and end up with water up your nose that seems to pour out of every hole in your head including your eyeballs. A friend actually told me about this first off and said it helped him  a lot when he had a severe sinus infection. The first time I did it it really cleared my bocked nose and I could breathe again. My intention is to do it once a day in the hope it eventually clears out my sinuses. I also want to look up exercises to help ease the sinuses on YouTube.

For my ear issues I need to put a drop of olive oil in each ear morning and night for about ten days then book in to see the nurse to have the (now) soft wax removed. Gross but really REALLY needed. I am looking forward to being able to hear properly again.

Anyone else had to do anything like this? I would love to know how you felt afterwards.

Those are my aims for February, quite simple really and all about improving health. Obviously I am continuing with my spending ban in the meantime too.

Happy February!

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