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Monday, 12 March 2018

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I didn’t update the blog that much towards the end February, sorry about that! I have been busy doing work elsewhere or working on other projects so it kind of slipped down on my list of priorities.

Here we are nearly half way through another month and unbelievably we are nearly a quarter of the way through 2018 already, what have you been doing to make it memorable? 

I feel as though February was quite a long month in some ways despite being the shortest of the year. The end of January seems so long ago now. That being said I still can’t believe it is bloody March already! My little girls turns 4 this month!!!

In February we had some lovely play dates with friends, most of which had to be indoors because it has either been raining, sleeting, snowing or just VERY cold but because of the cold weather I discovered how great the facilities are at our local library so will be sure to go there for some kids events again up until Savannah starts school.

February also brought pancake day which we of course indulged in; Savannah had banana and chocolate sauce on hers (I have found a sauce in Tesco made from fruit and cacao that still tastes heavenly -  totally recommend!) and I made keto pancakes which were out of this world. I measured everything so I knew what my pancake meal came to in macros and carb allowance and they were amazing. I too had some of the ‘healthier’ chocolate sauce and a little whipped cream. YUM! I need to make a batch of them again soon.

What else?


I took the plunge and had a cosmetic treatment that I have been looking into having done for about three years. I have always researched it then decided against booking it because I felt like it was too much of a splurge however finally, I did it.

After a lot of research last year I discovered a very talented lady who had nearly a YEAR long waiting list. Good things come to those who wait though and finally it was time to go and get my brows MICROBLADED.

Some people may not know what this is but it is a procedure by which you have your brows semi permanently tattooed on. Sounds scary if you haven’t heard of it before but the technique uses fine and feathery strokes to create natural looking brows. I plan on writing a separate blog post all about this but for now, lets just say I am so happy with them! 

You have to go for a top up after six weeks so I will be going for mine in a couple of weeks time but already I am so happy with them. Especially now they are healing and looking more natural. 

I do not regret booking the treatment nor do I regret waiting because I am so happy with the results plus after paying the deposit and having so much time to wait I was able to save for it no problem.

I also paid the last chunk of money off of my girly holiday in Spain this month too - Woohoo! All I need to do is save a little bit more spending money and count down to setting off. I am so glad I have booked this girly weekend away, again it something I would never normally do because I would feel selfish or as though it was too expensive and we couldn't afford it and the money should go on something else (usually something boring) but I have proved myself wrong. In fact it is so much easier to book something, pay a deposit, then have a deadline by which it needs to be paid as it makes you actually DO IT. As appose to trying to save up to book it but never getting anywhere or always finding a bill or something rubbish to spend the money on instead.

Finally in February we also had friends come to stay which is always awesome and of course the month was finished off with the 'Beast From The East' which was the most snow I have ever known to fall AND hang around. It was quite nice though because Patricks work got snowed off so he was at home with us. We took Savannah sledging on a small hill near us and built a (pretty feeble) snowman, we also sledged all the way to our local pub where we met friends, had a few drinks and some dinner. It was lovely!

I am a bit sad that it is all over now and normal life has resumed. It was nice to have that time together. Snow days are so weird, everything kind of stops. Even though Patrick isn't paid for being off because he is self employed I don't care, I really enjoyed our impromptu lovely few days together.  

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