Adrenal Body Type Part One - What Does It Mean?

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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Previously I talked about how the adrenal body type can generally affect mental and physical heath. Today I wanted to talk more about what the adrenal body type is and why it does what it does.

Your adrenal glands sit just above your kidneys and they are powerful little buggers, when your body becomes stressed the adrenals can burn out and cause adrenal fatigue, it is actually estimated that 80% of the population has adrenal fatigue due to modern busy lives.

But what is the adrenal body type? 

Well it is someone who has a body that stores fat predominantly around the mid section of the body as appose to anywhere else in fact people who have an adrenal body type tend to have very slim or skinny arms and legs - especially as they get older - with a bigger belly. 

When your body becomes stressed it produces excess cortisol which is the belly fat hormone. This is because your vital organs (liver kidneys and heart) are around your mid section and when your body gets stuck in stress mode it starts storing potential energy (fat) around them for survival purposes. 

This is why many people will find that they can't lose weight despite what they're eating and how much they're exercising. No matter what you eat your body will store it around the middle as fuel and protection no matter what you do. Not only that, when you are suffering adrenal fatigue, certain types of exercise is stress to the adrenal body type and make the situation worse rather than better.

Dieting is starving to the adrenal body type so it goes into stress mode. High impact work outs are stressful for the adrenal body type and cause more harm than good. 

Cortisol is the fat hormone produced by the adrenal glands and to ensure a better mental and physical health you need to focus on lowering that. Once your Cortisol levels are better, everything else will follow suit. You will feel better and you will lose weight. 

Some signs of Adrenal Body Type

-Brain Fog and memory loss (walking into a room and forgetting why you're there, forgetting words or where you put something)
- restless leg syndrome
- Waking in the night feeling anxious for no reason
- Heavy legs when walking upstairs or doing exercise on an inclined surface
- quick to get out of breath
- Pain in right shoulder
- Craving carbs and sugar

For me, when I started reading about adrenal body types and adrenal fatigue it was like reading an article about myself. I could relate to most of the symptoms and the body shape issues that were being described.

I now knew I needed to do something to make changes, my symptoms were already getting worse. Since turning 30 I have noticed some big changes in my body and how it functions and particularly in my hormones and how I feel when I am due on my period. I never used to get overwhelming symptoms which I always felt lucky for considering having PCOS but all of that has changed now. I get severe depression and anger, I can never keep tabs on my mood and feel I shouldn't be allowed to see any other human for around four days for their own safety. I get overwhelming nausea like a bad hangover, migraines, painful breasts and legs. Generally, I have also noticed I am getting more aches, feeling more out of breath and know that the further into my thirties I get the more the weight is just going to creep on.

I am only 33 for gods sake, I want to feel good. I want to feel energised and happy and healthy not achy and miserable.

It is time to make some changes! Next time I will talk about what changes I have been making and how they are helping me out so far.

Something to remember: Adrenal fatigue and adrenal body type are two separate things. You can still suffer adrenal fatigue if you're stressed and busy.

NB My information came predominantly form Dr Bergs website and you can read up much more information about the adrenal body type on there.  


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