March Review

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

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Hello, I am sorry I haven't been updating this blog as much as I had hoped but other things have gotten in the way lately and when that happens this blog falls by the wayside!

I have my 'month two spending ban review' post sitting in my drafts still waiting to be edited which is very annoying and will probably end up being deleted seeing as we are now in April and my spending ban is finished.


March felt like a bit of a long month, even though the year itself seems to be whizzing by. Savannahs birthday and birthday party plans took up the first half of the month (as her birthday is right in the middle) but all of that still seems like ages ago now even though it wasn't really.

I was so pleased with how her party went, the only hiccup I had was there was no music! My brother had been bringing his speaker down with him from Yorkshire for the party and so I had made a Spotify playlist for the occasion full of Savannahs favourite songs but because of the snow and the risk that it was meant to snow quite heavy the entire weekend he didn't make it down sadly.

Even though I am sure nobody really noticed the music was missing (the noise of the bouncy castle and kids playing and screaming would have drowned it out anyway) I did feel  a bit miffed that it wasn't 'perfect'. That being said, Savannah and the other children enjoyed themselves and that is the main thing!

I was pleased that I was able to keep to my spending budget with regards to the party food and that it was enough too, more than enough! I also opted to make little penny sweet bags for the children as a parting gift in personalised paper sweet bags. They worked out inexpensive and personally, I thought they looked brilliant. The various penny sweets were just from Lidl and 100 personalised bags cost less than £10 from eBay!

I actually ended up with tons of made up sweetie bags leftover but that was fine with me, I would rather have too much than not enough and those things keep unlike the party food. I have been giving the party bags out to any friends or family that have visited us since then.

Aside from that, not too much else happened in March. If I am honest March has been quite a stressful month but it has also been the month that I have decided to get our shit together in every way possible. Something I am going to cover in another blog post.

Easter was obviously at then end of March / beginning of April and we had a lovely Easter too. We had friends come up early Good Friday and we spent the day bowling, visiting one of our favourite pubs and then ending the evening with a takeaway and lots of fizz. Saturday we went to my in laws for dinner with my husbands family which was lovely and we didn't end up coming home until the early evening on Sunday after participating in a lazy Sunday watching Gavin and Stacey back to back on Netflix.

Monday was even lazier; after a quick tidy and hoover round we spent the day watching films which was wonderful. I had planned on spending some of the day working but it was just so lovely to relax, to not have to think and cuddle up with my little girl that I didn't want to in the end.

This week can be spent playing catch up, I don't mind when it is the working week! I just need to get out of the bank holiday bubble and back into working mode!

How was March for you?

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