Mental Health, Physical Health and The Adrenal Body Type: INTRODUCTION

Thursday, 19 April 2018

I have recently being doing some more research into body types. Not just to help me understand more about my own body type and the health issues that come with it but also to keep me focused on changing my lifestyle and improving my general health, fitness and wellbeing.

Making such huge changes is hard after a lifetime of living a certain way so I appreciate it takes time but I also realise I have been dancing around my health issues and making changes for over a year now and it is time to stop and go for it, full throttle.

In the past I have suffered chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and adrenal issues. In fact my adrenals were f****d for want of a better word. The lady who was treating me at the time said they were literally no longer working and I had nothing to fuel my body and keep it going (hence the chronic fatigue).

Every time my body was under any kind of stress be it physical (from working out) or mental (from work and life) I would get full on flu and be bed ridden. Every part of my body hurt so much. I would cry myself to sleep and live on painkillers. Sometimes I would get a mouth and throat full of ulcers. It was horrendous.

That was way back in 2012 and she gave me supplements, treatments etc to help me and because this had all been caused by swine flu which had gone undetected by doctors and so was left rattling around in my body she also gave me treatment to shift that.

Because of this experience I have been aware of our adrenal glands and how important they are for many years now but since recovering hadn't really thought about them until recently. I am not one for self diagnosing. Googling symptoms can cause all kinds of unnecessary anxiety and worry however I do also believe no one knows your body but you so if something doesn't feel right then you should check it out.

While I am sure that doctors can't stand patients coming to see them and starting with the sentence 'I googled my symptoms....' I think the internet is very handy tool in helping you learn more about body types, health ailments and what you can do to improve certain things. Once you feel you know what you're dealing with and what changes you want to make you could always consult your doctor or a nutritionist to confirm these choices are right for you.

Years ago I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and was also told by the lady I went to see who helped me with CFS and Swine Flu recovery that I had hormone issues that would effect my mental health and weight but at the time didn't really think much of it or that there was anything I could do.

Obviously as you get older you are more prepared to make changes to improve health but also, because I am getting older I feel certain health issues that come with having PCOS, hormone issues and an adrenal body type are actually getting worse and are making certain aspects of my life hard and making me quite miserable, even causing me pain.

So, I started to look more into hormone issues and the adrenal glands again and discovered even more information that is helping me on my journey of change. Because it would take so long to write up relevant information about what the adrenal body type is, symptoms and health issues it causes and lifestyle changes you can make to change for the better I am doing another mini series and will cover everything about adrenal fatigue and what lifestyle changes I have put in place to improve my health and wellbeing.

Till then, speak soon!

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