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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

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Continuing with my new money plan and my goal to make 2018 the year we sort our money shit out, today I thought I would share some basic ways that we have already started saving money that you can do too. Best of all they're simple changes that take minimal effort but can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Here we go!


Each week, take ten minutes to plan exactly what you are going to cook for dinner each week and this way when you go to the supermarket you will only buy what you need and not what you think you need. It is a great way to save money just be sure to check your cupboards and fridge before you go and buy so you don't double up!


This one is an obvious one. We all know it is cheaper to make our lunch at home and take it to work but most people, my husband included, can't be bothered (I will let hubby off seeing as he gets in late then works till about 10pm!). I try and make his lunch when I am making dinner as it is much easier seeing as I am already cooking and chopping stuff up etc. If you know you're lazy then do this too and tell yourself that by taking your lunch in with your every day you are saving around £15 per week minimum. That's £60 a month minimum that you could be saving!


If you are meal planning then that means you should drastically reduce food wastage because you're only buying what you really need and not over spending. However if you do end up with leftovers then be sure to make sure you use them! A lot of dinners can be frozen or taken for lunch the next day which also helps save even more pennies. You could always meal plan to make extra to be frozen for an easy dinner or the next days lunch.


I know the weather has been crappy and that it is always easier to get in the car, I also know what it is like to be chronically late all of the time because I have a four year old diva who changes her outfit seconds before we need to leave. That being said, if you plan your day right and allow time for all of the usual dramas of leaving the house then there is no reason why you couldn't walk a few more places. Not only is it free it is good for the environment and for your body and wellbeing too!


Get into the mindset of shopping around for all of your everyday buys, everything from make up remover to toilet bleach to nappies, this can so easily be done online. I now food shop at Lidl and it has made a huge difference to our shopping budget. Granted there are a few things I still only buy at other supermarkets but overall everything is bought from Lidl. My biggest shopping bill from there has been just over £100 and that was because we needed EVERYTHING from snacks to cleaning products to food for the fridge, freezer and cupboards and alcohol for guests we were entertaining that weekend. Most of my weekly shops cost around £40 and buys me plenty. Also shop around for things like insurance and utility bills too.


Ok so this isn't 'technically' saving you money per se but it is making you money in the long run so kinda counts in my book. Now I am new to the world of cash back websites but have been recommended by a frugal and money savvy friend about them several times so last month I finally signed up. I am yet to start using it but basically, for anyone who doesn't know, you make your regular purchases through these cashback websites and earn money from your purchases. It's basically free money! I have signed up for 'Top Cashback' myself. Last year my friend made £350 in cashback which is amazing! For us, that would be Christmas sorted.


Get yourself a decent coffee machine and a decent flask that will keep it hot for hours and take your own coffee to work with you. Especially if you're on the go like my husband is and tend to buy coffee out. It will save you so much money in the long run. It costs less than a pound to make your own coffee. Lets say you buy one coffee a day at £2.70 that's £13.50 a week. £54 a month! so if you stop buying coffee and lunch out every day you would be saving a whopping £114 per month. That is £1,368 per year. Well worth doing when you look at it like that.


Be brutally honest with yourself and look at what you're paying out for and if you're not using it night and day, cancel it. If you are having money troubles you should consider cancelling them regardless of whether or not you use them, it doesn't have to be forever. I just made some adjustments to our Sky TV subscription and cancelled our box sets bundle because really, we barely watch them and it wasn't worth paying for. I also locked our new lower price deal for 18 months which is great and our TV package is much more affordable now.

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