Tuesday, 1 May 2018

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There is a free service available through the NHS called 'Therapy For You' which is basically an online course service designed to help you through darker times.

I myself have used it in the past after being referred by my doctor but you don't have to be referred, you can sign up online today if you feel you need help with mental health issues or anxiety and start making some positive changes.

This service is CBT based (cognitive behavioural therapy) which helps you not only cope better with how you're feeling but also understand why you're feeling that way.

This online service was a real breakthrough for me personally and I would recommend it to anyone. It made me look at my thought process and why I actually thought the way I did. I basically learnt from CBT that I push my insecurities onto other people and over catastrophise everything.

For example if I were to see someone in the street, wave, only for them to not wave back I would automatically assume I have done something to offend them and go over it again and again in my head until my mood has been crushed. Same for if I can see someone has read my WhatsApp and not replied or seems quieter than normal when I meet up with them. I assume it is me. All me.

Anxiety, depression and in fact most mental health illnesses are actually quite self indulgent illnesses because you are constantly bringing everything back to you and making everything about you.

In reality, do you know you have done something to offend that person? Or to make them ignore your WhatsApp or be quieter with you?

Or, could it be perhaps that person didn't see you or couldn't see that it was you waving at them?
Could it be they are really busy dealing with their kids  / work / family / stresses to answer your WhatsApp and read it quickly but was unable to answer it there and then? (we've all done it) And finally, why would someone who has the hump with you (as you assume in your mind) meet up with you just to sit there and be offish with you?

When you look at things logically rather than letting your thoughts run away with you then you realise that there are usually simple explanations for why people have behaved in certain ways or that you simply haven't done anything that gives them reason to not wave back or not answer your message.

Rather than letting your thoughts run away with you and building up this whole fictitious scenario in your head you look at the situation logically. This is what Therapy For You can help with.

There are counsellors that will phone you once a week to chat about anything you need or any questions you may have and you can go back over the course again and again to refresh yourself if you feel the need.

I haven't used their courses for a few years now but was actually discussing it with a friend who was feeling low and am now contemplating using the service again just to refresh my mind and help my wellbeing.

They have help with everything from OCD to bereavement so check it out of you feel that you need help with how you're feeling but aren't quite sure where to turn.

If you want to start making some changes to how you feel or have suffered a bereavement lately, perhaps you are feeling low after childbirth or suffer from lack of confidence, you can start making changes now.

There is plenty of help available so why not check out the Therapy For You website and see what's on there.

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