Beta Testing

There is currently a beta test taking place on this blog to iron out any bugs that may have been missed during its development, who are the testers? You are! If you have any issues with the site not working the way it should be for you please take a screenshot and send an email to Ginger Jam with subject "Headcase Blog Beta Feedback" plus any information you feel may be beneficial or relevant to the bug you have found.

Below is a list of known issues/plans with regards to the site, this list is updated regularly and implemented changes will shows as "active" for a time before being removed from the list entirely. Each entry in the list is accompanied by an image that gives a visual indication of what the entry is, these images are:

BUGS - Any glitches, broken links, aspects of the website that aren't behaving the way they should, etc. are being reported as bugs.

IDEAS - These are aspects of the website planned to be implemented in the future, this will usually be to do with working parts of the website.

VISUAL - Anything to do with the overall look of the blog that we have planned to implement in the near future; this could be the layout or even colour scheme change.

Known issues and future plans/fixes:

SEARCH BOX DOESN'T RETURN RESULTS. Temporarily I have disabled the search feature and will investigate this further.

LANDING PAGE. Plan to have an interactive landing page rather than the current home page.

INTERACTIVE LINK IMAGES. Plans in place to have the links that contain images to react to mouse hovers, such as the site logo.

MOBILE SITE DOESN'T WORK. Not so much of a bug but the site needs setting up, this is a top priority and will probably be the first issue to be resolved.

RESOLVED 14/05/17

ZOOMED IN VIEW IS MESSY. Again not so much a bug but more how the site is programmed at this point, only an issue on lower resolution screens really but working to resolve.

RESOLVED 14/05/17

REACTIVE SIDEBAR. Right now the sidebar is a fixed height, I plan to overcome this and make it so that it will always react to the page height and be full length.

ARCHIVES PAGE DOESN'T WORK. Will be resolving this as soon as possible.

RESOLVED 14/05/17
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